Successful stock advisors in India

Most common thing which is asked by an investor or a trader is who is the most successful stock advisor in India?. This is a challenging question and not so easy to answer. Today it is one among the very difficult task when it comes to identify the advisor who is most successful in India.

So, it is very difficult to find out a company which is well known and referred as most successful stock advisor company. There is lot of fake advisors in the stock market today. Many innocent people trust these fake advisors and later lose money.

They usually start with social media like telegram, Whatsapp, and Facebook to cheat innocent people. These types of cheat happen because of less awareness. Along with this, greed for making lot of money can be the other reason. So, it is recommended that decisions must be made on the basis of facts and not on what is seen on the sites. The fraud advisors are well prepared show the insane profits so that people decide on bigger package subscriptions and later this will lead to losing capital.

Most Successful stock advisors in India: how to find?

It is not very difficult to find most successful stock advisors in India. This should be done after keeping certain points in mind. Some of them are

  • Then chosen advisor should have great experience in the market and he should be popular and well known
  • It is very important that one must ask for accuracy. In case, if they tell that something is 100% guaranteed this can be fraud. This is because there cannot be an assurance which comes with guaranteed returns in a stock market
  • Flexibility must be considered. If they do not provide flexibility then better do not trust them. If they expect you to be online all the time then it is waste of money. Always check that can they offer tips through Whatsapp, SMA, or through a phone call. The services should provide comforts for you and not for them
  • Always check their performances in the past few years
  • Just because they offer low payment fees, do not choose that advisory. Just through pricing one cannot decide the advisor. Always check for the quality as well.
  • Experience of the advisor company matters a lot. So, choose a company which is there in the market from several years.
  • The advisory company must allocate advisor which is easily accessible anytime needed. There is no point in waiting for someone who can coma and advice by the time of trading will not be helpful
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