Financial transactions seek utmost care while being performed. Credit cards have gained great prominence of late, thanks to them for being saviours in times of financial need. Before choosing a service provider, a consumer has to go through the guidelines and understand the terms and conditions of the card. This prevents you from facing possible risks that you might encounter with the card. As a security measure, most of the companies provide some measures to help consumers in case of any problems like improper billing, non-receipt of product or service that is being purchased or discontentment over the product purchased.

Whether it is Visa card or Master card, the consumer is entitled with some security measures. CHASE, one of the reputed credit card companies also issues credit cards with enough security on billing errors, products not delivered and consumers’ dissatisfaction about a particular product. But you need to know their guidelines as every card issuer have their own principles in dealing with issues related to frauds and disputes.

Before submitting a charge of dispute to Chase, be sure of producing legitimate proofs whatever may be the charge. Be it about bad quality of .product, bad service of the merchant, late delivery of the product or billing errors, a consumer should file a dispute on Charge to help them understand what exactly the problem is. A well- defined problem has greater chances of getting resolved faster.

You get very less time from Chase and so you need to be extra careful in finding out any problems arising out of your credit card statement and try to rectify it immediately. Their customer service is always available to extend maximum help to you. However, as precautionary steps you can take the below mentioned steps.

Get in touch with your Trader first:


But remember that all merchants are not really approachable. It is rare that they help you with your dispute charges. After all, any business runs for profits and doesn’t want to miss a single penny unless proved that they are really guilty. In such cases you will have to file a Chase credit card dispute to have a decent settlement of your money.

Hence it is advisable to keep all correspondences from your merchant and Chase company safe to claim dues.

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